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Automatic Masturbation Cup with Led Display Screen 10 Thrusts Rotations

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Partly transparent appearance, satisfy your peeping desire

The transparent window design brings you a wild and exciting visual experience. Crystal-like transparent vag*na sweet channel is completely unfolded in front of you! You are able to observe how your pen*s squeeze into the charming hole, how dozens of soft protrusions tickle your tip during thrusting and rotating moves, as well as how the plump ribs gently suck and kiss your bro. What an unmatched visually stimulating experience.
10-speed rotating thrusting, multiple sweetness

This masturbation toy features 10 speeds of swirling rotating sensations, with an up and down stroking action. Sex needs a rhythm, and the unchanging pattern of thrusting will make you tired quickly. Perfect rhythm changes can give you more freshness. Equipped with a more powerful motor, you no longer have to worry about engine jams during use. Try to perform wild and intense training under fast thrust. How long can you hold on?

The feel of the inner sleeve is lifelike

With its excellent elasticity and material, the inner sleeve will please you as you like. Made of TPE, it is non-toxic, odorless, safe and soft, perfect for protecting your pen*s from injury. The internal firmness and detailed texturing of the sleeve come together perfectly to make a very intense experience out of each session. Neither too tight nor too loose, the suction and the tightness are perfect for you.

Detachable inner liner for throughout cleansing

This automatic male masturbator cup is so easy to clean with a completely removable inner sleeve and pus*y, guaranteeing worries-free self-pleasure. Air drying the shell and exterior of the sleeve is quick and easy. Just carefully pull the sleeve out, wash it, let air dry and put back in. You never have to worry about the moisture possibly hiding in all the little dips, curves, bumps, and turns that make up the textured interiors of male toys such as these.

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